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About The Author
In 2004 Lev Gursky will celebrate his 10th anniversary as a literary man. The mature age. The time to preliminary summing up. It was the Ekaterinburg journal "Ural" where in 1994 the name of the writer Gursky appeared for the first time. In this journal the review on his novel "Yankee In Chief's Court" was written. In this report the stresses were put so exactly, the plot was retold in details, so Gursky's decided: there is no need to write a novel about yankee (everything is already clear), it is better to begin two new books: "To Kill a President" and "Change of Place". The novels were written quickly and at the beginning of the next year they were published. "Danger", "Stake on the Black" and other novels were the next. They were published and republished in many places - the geography was from Khar'kov to Novosibirsk. Along side there were numerous interviews, anger of prototypes (true and self-styled), arguments in press (printed and not), slights of friends, compliments of enemies. Then in 1999 goes the TV series "Detective Dubrovsky Dossier" (it was based on the novel "Change of Place", the director was Alexander Muratov). Then it was a long pause, which lasted for 4 years. During the pause Gursky was through with stories, essays, reviews, while he was working unhurriedly on the novel "Spear's Trajectory" (it is the third novel about the detective-booklover Yakov Semenovich Shtern). It is difficult to say now about the fate of the writer Lev Gursky, in the third a thousand of years: We shall see. We have time. We have books. May be the readers will appear.

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